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Eco-Innovation and Green Entrepreneurship

RESearch Track

Track Chair: João Leitão, University of Beira Interior, CEG-IST, University of Lisbon & C-MAST, UBI, Portugal

Description of the track

Eco-innovation is still a young area of research, although it is a challenging framework, especially, for providing theoretical and empirical insights to policy makers, managers and academics (Diáz-Garcia et al. 2015). The problematic concerning drivers of Eco-innovation has been increasingly popular among the researchers community focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, although it is far from being completely explored, in the sense that is necessary to develop further multidimensional analyses. The track aims also to establish a connection with Green Entrepreneurship, namely, by addressing the so far unexplored determinants of performance of clean tech firms. Albeit the previous research efforts addressing the growth determinants of service firms (Nunes et al. 2010) or knowledge-intensive service firms (Bonaccorsi et al. 2014), there are still several caveats to fulfill in the context of the so-called Industry 4.0 (Devezas et al. 2017). For instance, unveiling the corporate R&D and growth strategies of manufacturing firms oriented to servitization focused on ICT and green aspects (e.g. automation, artificial intelligence, low-carbon innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability). Another important aspect is concerned with the role played by higher education institutions in producing and transferring knowledge (Ghio et al., 2016), thus, stimulating knowledge spillovers through eco-innovation, green entrepreneurship and social responsibility among public and private stakeholders.  
Key topics of the track
  • Determinants of financial sustainability and eco-sustainability of clean tech firms (CTFs)
  • Drivers of Eco-innovation
  • Eco-innovation, servitization and entrepreneurial performance
  • Eco-innovation dynamics and sustainability
  • Eco-innovative business modelling  
  • Green corporate R&D strategies
  • Higher education institutions and knowledge spillovers into eco-innovation and green entrepreneurship
  • Incentives and barriers to Eco-innovation: SME vs. Large firms
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategies

We encourage contributions that address one or more of the listed topics above, using qualitative analyses and case studies, empirical analyses and developing theoretical frameworks. The track is also open to research addressing other adjacent and related topics. For this track, we particularly welcome the submission of author(s) and working groups that are willing to discuss their work-in-progress (short papers).

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